Weekly Horoscope For Each Zodiac Sign(22nd January To 28th January)

Weekly Horoscope 22nd January To 28th January

Aries – If you have recently changed jobs or started a new position, this week will see you evaluate your responsibilities & expectations. Expect exciting news on the fronts of relationships, money, & career. A new idea or approach regarding your investments & savings will bring desired results.

Taurus – You might want to get involved in community activities or make more time for friends & family. This week, you will prefer to step outside the comforts of your boundary & let your hair down. This can also mean cutting yourself some slack at work & explore your hobbies & passion.

Gemini – If you were experiencing positive shifts, these changes will pick up momentum. You’ll enjoy a positive self-image & favorable social situations. The time is right to make new contacts & reboot your old ties. Carve out “me time” to contemplate who or what matters the most to you.

Cancer – If you find yourself riddled with guilt over a past situation where you gave away your power in a relationship, tap into the insights that come along with this reflection. The lessons will make you emotionally empowered. Also, your chosen family will offer you relentless support & care.

Leo – If a career setback made you spiral out of control, shift your attention to the passion that brought you satisfaction or fulfillment. It has been on the back burner. Spend more time doing things that make you feel alive & it will positively impact your career, relationships, & overall well-being.

Virgo – You might feel lonely & crave intimacy or companionship. Relinquishing power & letting go of your need to control everything will lead to happier outcomes, both in platonic & romantic relationships. Reconciliation & collaboration will go a long way in forging long-term connections.

Weekly Horoscope 22nd January 28th January 2023

Libra – A potent time for your intimate relationships as well as any creative or passionate pursuit. You might feel the urge to put in more hours at your job or make time for your passion project. You’ll enjoy quality time with your partner. Don’t forget to schedule some downtime to rest & recharge.

Scorpio – If your romantic life was sidelined till now, this week promises good news. Expect a new chapter in your love life. It can be a new person, or it can also be reigniting the flame within your established relationship. You’ll continue enjoying the support of your friends & chosen family.

Sagittarius – It will be a period of wish fulfillment. The hard work that you have put into your work & relationships will be recognized & reciprocated. You’ll enjoy an active social life with your circle evolving. Don’t hesitate to let go of those who drain you or aren’t aligned with your highest good.

Capricorn – You’ll continue harmonizing romance with your personal well-being. This can mean entering a commitment, ending things with a toxic partner, or putting yourself out more to find the right one. However, you’ll feel happy from inside & this will reflect on your work & other relationships.

Aquarius – Good news regarding abundance can be seen. It might come as an inheritance, a windfall, a raise, or a profit, but you’ll gain access to valuable resources. Although this week will be full of lucky breaks & forward movement, don’t forget to make time for enough rest & ground yourself.

Pisces – If your schedule has been erratic of late, try to get some time off work. You might want to go on a short trip or bring more work-life balance. A lot of positive changes are coming into your love life. Be sure to release any past baggage & heal yourself before you welcome these blessings.


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