Weekly Horoscope For Each Zodiac Sign (1st May To 7th May)

Weekly Horoscope 1st May To 7th May 2022
If you feel bogged down by situations that are out of your control, seek divine intervention. The insights that you will receive through contemplation and meditation will help you cope with setbacks and forge your way to success.
 This week will thrust you into a lot of action. You will get roped in projects that will make you the center of attention and catapult you into a faster, busier, and more fulfilling life. Buckle up!
 If you find yourself pulled in opposite directions by your desires for both success and peace of mind, try delegating some of your work. Harness your talents and explore opportunities that are more aligned with your ambition.
You might feel drained and demotivated due to some negative influences around you. But don’t lose sight of the bigger picture, as you’re very close to your success. Work toward your goal and stay away from the energy vampires.
There will be a shift in your life that will get you one step closer to sharing your talents with the world. You will feel confident to pursue a career that will be rewarding both financially and emotionally.
Increasing work responsibilities are going to add to your existing stress. It will be a good week to take some time out to meditate and pursue inner balance. Don’t ignore your health, a good diet, and a proper sleep routine.
Weekly Horoscope 1st May 7th May 2022
You might experience grief in your romantic relationship. Don’t let pain deter you from being vulnerable in love. The lessons you learn now will either improve your love life or trim some dysfunctional relationships.
Your talents and hard work will gain you attention of the right people and you will get a leg-up in your career or business. Your enhanced mood will improve your love life and your other important relationships.
You will have to balance hard work with self-care this week. Push yourself harder at work but don’t forget to reward yourself. Your persistence and diligence will pay off soon, so be resilient.
You might go through an existential crisis in the coming week. If you feel the urge to live a life that is more fulfilling, go inward and find out what your soul craves to do. Plan your dream life based on your inner calling.
The week ahead will force you to take a break from your busy schedule. Though things have been working out for you, you will learn that without proper rest, you’ll not be able to sustain yourself.
If you find yourself yearning for a more exciting life, zoom into your daily life habits and make small changes. Do more things that will bring you closer to the things that you aspire to attain.

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SCORPIO: Power play

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AQUARIUS: Somethin

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