Weekly Horoscope For Each Zodiac Sign (17th April To 23rd April)

Weekly Horoscope 17th 23rd April 2022
Aries – Your romantic relationship will become your main concern at the beginning of the week. However, as you take care of the matters of the heart, your focus will gradually shift to your work and finance sector.

Taurus – This week will make you prioritize your health. Rest up because, as we enter the Taurus season on the 19th, you will come under the spotlight, attracting a lot of action and attention, especially in your creativity and work sector.

Gemini – Energetically, this week might feel a bit heavy. You will need to release unhealthy patterns in relationships and let go of people who have become toxic to you. Ground your energies to find closure through quiet contemplation.

Cancer – Tread lightly while dealing with your partner. Be patient while addressing any relationship issue. The week ahead will be more potent to work on your career goals and aspirations.

Leo – The coming week will bring in a galore of attention and projects. You will be the center of attention and entrusted with several responsibilities. Those in the creative line of work will be blessed with inspiration and ideas.

Virgo – There might be an existential crisis following some unequal energy exchange in work and relationships. Go deeper into your subconscious and build up your self-esteem. The future looks promising, be ready to embrace it.
Weekly Horoscope 17th April 23rd April 2022
Libra – You’ll be called to let go of people who are not good for your well-being. Identify and nurture those relationships which provide emotional sustenance to you. Your life will take a turn for the better as soon you sort out your priorities.

Scorpio – Depending on your relationship status, invest in quality time with your partner or socialize to meet new people. Don’t let your negative self-talk make you settle for less than what you deserve.

Sagittarius – You will be taking a hard look at your life and your relationships. You might shed some limiting beliefs and self-damaging habits. Also, you’ll feel an urge to find people who add value to your life.

Capricorn – This week, you should heal your inner child and work through any past trauma that’s keeping you stuck in a dysfunctional cycle. You’ll attract healthy relationships only after you do the necessary self-work.

Aquarius – Your home life might demand some attention this week, and your work schedule will fill up too. You’ll need to pull off a fine balancing act to manage both sectors. It will be a good idea to release old grudges.

Pisces – Divert your attention from people who are emotionally and energetically draining you and develop some hobbies and interests that’ll enable you to explore new places and meet new people.

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