Weekly Horoscope For Each Zodiac Sign(10th March To 16th March)

Weekly Horoscope 10th Mar To 16th March part one

Aries : With Mercury’s energy in your sign sextiling Pluto, your persuasive power is at its peak. Harness this to push forward your agendas, but be mindful not to overstep your boundaries. A new moon encourages you to dream big; let your imagination guide your next big move in relationships.

Taurus : As Venus enters Pisces, your focus shifts to nurturing relationships. This week, dive deep into your emotions & allow yourself to be swept up in romance. The imaginative energy of the new moon may reveal desires you didn’t know you had. Embrace them.

Gemini : Communication is your strong suit, but with Mercury’s influence, your words will carry extra weight. Use this to your advantage, especially in negotiations. The new moon prompts you to connect with your loved ones on a spiritual level. Listen to your intuition; it has much to say.

Cancer : The dreamy Pisces energy beckons you to explore your inner world. This week is perfect for introspection & connecting with your spiritual side. Venus’s move into Pisces enhances your romantic relationships with a touch of your manifestation power. Let your heart lead the way.

Leo : The new moon in Pisces inspires you to dream bigger than ever. It’s time to let go of limitations & envision what you truly desire. Mercury’s aspect with Pluto sharpens your strategic mind, helping you plot the course of your dreams with precision.

Virgo : This week, the power of persuasion is in your hands. Use it wisely to further your goals & gather crucial information. The new moon’s energy encourages you to tap into your subconscious & explore your desires. What you discover could be transformative.

Weekly Horoscope 10th March To 16th March part two

Libra : With Venus, your ruling planet, moving into Pisces, expect a surge in creativity & romance. Embrace the imaginative vibes to deepen connections & express your love in creative ways. The new moon urges you to dream of a graceful & harmonious future.

Scorpio : This week’s planetary movements highlight your intuitive & transformative powers. The new moon in Pisces could reveal a hidden desire or path. Follow it. Mercury’s sextile with Pluto empowers your communication, making it a prime time to share your deepest thoughts.

Sagittarius : The new moon stirs up restlessness in you. Imagine the possibilities of explorations & let your dreams guide your next big adventure. Mercury & Pluto’s aspect sharpens your intellect, making it an excellent time for learning & sharing knowledge.

Capricorn : Your practical nature gets a boost from Mercury’s alignment, enhancing your strategic thinking. Use this to your advantage in your career as well as personal projects. The new moon invites you to explore your creative side. Allow yourself to dream without boundaries.

Aquarius : As Pluto in your sign sextiles Mercury, you’ll find yourself in powerful conversations that can lead to significant changes. Embrace the new moon’s imaginative energy to envision a future you desire. Now is the time to think big & break free from constraints.

Pisces : This week is especially potent for you with Venus entering your sign & the new moon amplifying your natural intuition. Embrace this period of heightened creativity & connection. Let your dreams guide you to new heights in love & personal expression.

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