Weekly Horoscope For Each Zodiac Sign(1st October To 7th October)

Weekly Horoscope 1st October To 7th October part one

Aries : This week might be uncomfortable. Your priorities might go through a shift. If you have been trying to juggle multiple commitments, you might decide to let go of some of your obligations. Your attention moves to your romantic partnership as your love life becomes your priority.

Taurus : You will feel a need to have clarity and harmony in your relationships. This will be a perfect time to seek or accept an apology or make amends. You might also settle an old debt. You will start focusing on your self-care and your romantic partnership.

Gemini : This will be a good week for you. Work responsibilities might increase. Do not get stressed out but see this as your opportunity to showcase your talents. New financial opportunities might also come your way. Good news regarding inheritance, investments, or profit can come.

Cancer : Embrace unexpected yet necessary changes in your life and relationships. Your emotions can be in flux, so don’t make any impulsive decisions. If you feel things are getting stalled and you’re stuck in a rut, take it as an opportunity to rest and charge up for the eclipse season.

Leo : Your attention will shift to your finances. You need to be mindful of your budget, savings, earnings, and investments. Live within your means and ensure you’re being paid right for your hard work. Family issues might come up and you must address them head-on.

Virgo : Themes around mindfulness and being in the present moment will be relevant to you. Your need to be perfect and in control will be accentuated during this time. Don’t be too hard on yourself and on others. Your relationship insecurities also can come to the surface. Process them.

Weekly Horoscope 1st October To 7th October part two

Libra : You are likely to receive unexpected help from people and tricky situations might smooth out. You can feel intense and overwhelmed. Remember that meditation will bring answers and insights. You might want to withdraw yourself and act aloof in your romantic relationship.

Scorpio : You will receive a burst of passion and deep emotions. You will need to channel this energy into positive outlets, and not bottle them up. Be clear on what you really want and be assertive, yet respectful about your needs. You’re likely to achieve all your goals quite easily during this time.

Sagittarius : Your career, money, and spirituality sectors will light up this week. You might feel an urge to overdo yourself in these aspects. However, go slow. You might need to put your affairs in order and be ready for sudden incoming changes. A new beginning can be seen for you.

Capricorn : If you have been craving solitude and isolation for the past few weeks, this will be the time when you will be coming out of the hermit-like energy. You might feel impulsive enough to leave a job or a project for a new one. Be ready for an ending and heal yourself through self-care practices.

Aquarius : This week can be blissful for you if you are mindful of your self-sabotaging ways. Nurture your romantic relationship and give it time, if things are not as you would like them to be. Difficult but necessary conversations will help you to manage your relationships, personal and professional.

Pisces : Be ready for changes in your romantic relationship. Don’t get too fixated on an outcome, or else you will end up feeling disheartened. Connect with your friends and chosen tribe to feel more aligned with your life and dreams. You might come across like-minded people and communities.

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