Vicious Cycles Of The Zodiac Signs

Vicious Cycles Of The Zodiac Signs

Vicious Cycles of The Zodiac Signs –

ARIES: Crying when they’re frustrated and then getting frustrated with themselves for crying

TAURUS: Holding onto destructive habits because they fear to change

GEMINI: Laughing everything off until people learn that it’s okay to treat them poorly because they ‘won’t get hurt’

CANCER: Shutting everyone out and then punishing others for not breaking down their walls

LEO: Overcompensating by coming on too strong when they’re nervous

VIRGO: Setting expectations so high that they’re always disappointed

LIBRA: Asking people if they’re mad at them until they actually are

SCORPIO: Wearing so much armor that good things can’t reach them

SAGITTARIUS: Avoiding difficult truths till they’re alone in a world of self-delusion

CAPRICORN: Prioritizing other things until friends stop inviting them to hang

AQUARIUS: Preemptively self-isolating because they fear rejection

PISCES: Daydreaming so vividly that real life ceases to inspire them

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