Unrealistic Expectations Of The Zodiac Signs

Unrealistic Expectations Of The Zodiac

Unrealistic Expectations Of The Zodiac Signs –

ARIES: For people to treat you better than you treat them

TAURUS: For people to read your mind

GEMINI: For your friends to always be down to go out even in a blizzard

CANCER: An equally thoughtful response to the 10-page handwritten love letter you sent yesterday

LEO: To be praised just for being yourself  VIRGO: For everything to go exactly according to plan

LIBRA: For opportunities to fall into your lap because of your charm

SCORPIO: For your partner to only ever want to spend time with you

SAGITTARIUS: For your newest career whim to take off

CAPRICORN: To function as a healthy person despite overworking yourself and getting no sleep

AQUARIUS: For nobody to look at you when you’re forced to leave the house to go to the grocery store

PISCES: For your 11:11 wish about your crush to come true.

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