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Types Of People Zodiac Signs Don’t Trust

Types Of People Zodiac Signs Don't Trust

Types Of People Zodiac Signs Don’t Trust

Types of people you don’t trust

Aries: people who post group photos where only they look good

Taurus: people who add you to their close friends list even though you aren’t close friends

Gemini: peple who don’t read for pleasure

Cancer: people who bring unannounced plus-ones to plans that were supposed to be just the two of you

Leo: people who wake up at 5 am to “Seize the day”

Virgo: people who talk on speakerphone in public

Libra: people who make others feel awkward as a power move

Scorpio: people who don’t have any long-term friends

Sagittarius: people who still talk about their high school days

Capricorn: people who are relentlessly positive all the time

Aquarius: people who are too good at first dates

Pisces: people who use workplace jargon in normal conversations

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Types Of People The Zodiac Signs Don't Trust

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