To The Zodiac Signs Haters

To The Zodiac Signs Haters

To The Zodiac Signs Haters –

ARIES: “I can’t hear you from way up here at the top”

TAURUS: “It’s not my fault that you have bad taste”

GEMINI: “Lol, you keep me going! Let’s get drinks soon xo”

CANCER: Gives them the silent treatment but is tortured inside
LEO: Wishes them well because anyone who dislikes them is obviously coming from a place of pain and jealousy

VIRGO: “Here are all the reasons I’ve never liked you either”
LIBRA: “Are you still mad at me?”

SCORPIO: “If people hate me, it means I’m doing something right”  

SAGITTARIUS: “Here’s a list of my top 147 hobbies since you clearly need a new one”

CAPRICORN: “Want me to set you up with my ex? You have a lot in common”
AQUARIUS: “It takes 43 muscles to frown and only 17 to smile”

PISCES: “Don’t worry, I hate me too”

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