Things Zodiac Signs Probably Do

Things Zodiac Signs Probably Do

Things Zodiac Signs Probably Do:

Says something that’s kinda inaudible and then just says “nevermind” and starts awkwardly laughing when asked about what they just said.

Randomly starts yelling their opinion or response with absolutely no filter.

Suddenly and drastically changes something about their appearance every now and then for no particular reason.

You always have those spontaneous moments where you don’t interact with anyone or become a sarcastic twat.

Suddenly starts laughing about something and no one knows what’s funny and its probably pretty stupid but they keep laughing anyways.

Always keeps their bag or their room super messy for some fucking reasons and no matter how much they “try” to clear it up, it goes back to its original state.

Tends to spontaneously act super childish and child-like, it’s almost as if a kid spontaneously possess you.

Happens to just stare at ppl when they talk to you and we get the impression that you hate us and are mentally cutting our soul apart.

Sometimes just suddenly begins to sarcastically argue with people and act like sarcastic asshole.

Sometimes acts really cold with people all of a sudden and everyone becomes confused AF as to why they’re being cold.

Randomly starts contradicting people for absolutely no reason and defends their point, even if the person they’re arguing with and themselves know they are wrong, and no one knows why they fucking do this.

Does this thing where they remember things that didn’t actually happen and somehow they manage to convince themselves it did.

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