They laugh at me, because I am different

” They laugh at me Because I am Different I Laugh at them Because they’re all The same ”
-Kurt Cobain

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  1. Jennifer Sebits Avatar

    Exactly! They're the very definition of all that's droll and insignificant in this life for me. They think they're living when in all actuality, they're but flickers of the mass of unsubstantial ghosts that exist solely in the corner of my eye. Only worth a haphazard and occasional glance out of pure boredom when feeling the need for a very fleeting and simplistic amusement. Just an unpleasant sideshow of a three ring circus that exists on the outskirts of the things in my life that I truly find interesting and meaningful. I laugh at their bland existence as they stumble along amongst each other, jostling for position and stature as just another pretentious sheep amongst many in a herd full of fools. Shamefully wasting all the true joy that life has to offer those that have the courage to stand apart.

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