There Is A Man Out There That Has Done The Ground Work

There Is A Man Out There That Has Done The Ground Work
There is a man out there that has done the ground work that is necessary to maintain a healthy relationship.  One who is willing, ready, and courageous enough to treat you like you deserve.  Quit waiting around on someone to get there, for you will be waiting most all of your days.  Stop settling for little boys who like to pretend and attempt to walk around in mens’ shoes..  

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The Reason Behind My Every Sorry

The reason behind my every sorry is I don’t wanna lose you.I never craved attention, until I tasted yours.

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I Dont Wanna Win The Argument Or Feel Right

I don’t wanna “win” the argument or feel “right”.

That’s not the point nor my objective. I wanna feel like we’ve come to an understanding of the issue at hand. I want both of us to walk away feeling heard and understood.

It’s not a competition.

– Unknown

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