The Zodiac Signs Won’t Befriend Someone Who

The Zodiac Signs Won't Befriend Someone Who

The Zodiac Signs Won’t Befriend Someone Who

ARIES: Takes themselves too seriously to let loose

TAURUS: Can’t be relied on to stick to plans or text back promptly

GEMINI: Is a ‘yes’ person with no opinions of their own

CANCER: Makes you feel like their backup option

LEO: Can’t play it cool when you take them out somewhere nice

VIRGO: Thrives on other people’s drama

LIBRA: Only reaches out when they need something from you

SCORPIO: Has a long list of ex-best friends they’re no longer on speaking terms with

SAGITTARIUS: Is too thin-skinned to take a bit of banter

CAPRICORN: Expects you to listen to them complain about the same things over and over again and never makes an effort to change

AQUARIUS: Judges other people for being themselves

PISCES: Always tries to offer solutions when you just want to vent

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