The Zodiac Signs As Pick-Up Lines

The Zodiac Signs As Pick Up Lines

The Zodiac Signs As Pick-Up Lines

Aries: I hope you know CPR, because you just took my breath away!

Taurus: Your hand looks heavy—can I hold it for you?

Gemini: Do you have a name, or can I just call you ‘mine?’

Cancer: I seem to have lost my number—can I have yours?

Leo: Is this the Hogwarts Express? Because it feels like you and I are headed somewhere magical.

Virgo: If you were a Transformer, you’d be ‘Optimus Fine.’

Libra: I’m not photographer, but I can definitely picture us together.

Scorpio: If being sexy was a crime, you’d be guilty as charged.

Sagittarius: I’m not currently an organ donor, but I’d be
happy to give you my heart.

Capricorn: Hey, my name’s Microsoft. Can I crash at your place tonight?

Aquarius: Do you like Star Wars? Coz Yoda only one for me!

Pisces: Do you have a map? I keep getting lost in your eyes.

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