The Truth About The Zodiac Signs

The Truth About The Zodiac Signs

The Truth About The Zodiac Signs:

Aries: Puts up a tough front but is actually soft inside,

Taurus: Much more sensitive than they portray themselves to be.

Gemini: Really neat people with some serious case of OCD

Cancer: Savage and will not hesitate to hurt you if you get on their bad side.

Leo: Sore losers, literally hate to lose and will sulk for freaking hours if they do, insisting that it was your fault instead of theirs.

Virgo: Really nice, easy-going people that make awesome friends as they will stick up for you no matter what.

Libra: Practically lives to please every single soul on earth… sometimes goes overboard while doing so.

Scorpio: Really smart people. The number of brain cells they have is no joke

Sagittarius: The most interesting people you will ever meet. You will never get bored when you’re with them.

Capricorn: Weird, there is no one like them. Unpredictable, hilarious, and acts way younger than they actually are.

Aquarius: Literally, the I give-no-fucks people. Pretends to care but deep down they don’t even feel anything.

Pisces: Not as innocent and gullible as you think they are. Acts like it, but are actually the most confusing people you will ever meet. Their brain doesn’t simply think in one way and they are constantly thinking of possibilities for practically everything.

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