The Houses Of Astrology

The Houses Of Astrology

The Houses of Astrology
Astrology is a Language of Symbols.  

We use the astrological signs like costumes for the planets which are the actors. The houses are the areas or the stages where the actors in their costumes do their thing. The 1st through the 6th houses relate to your life, your family and your stuff. The 7th through 12th houses represent you in the world, mixing and mingling with others.

  • 1st house is the Ascendant, self, your body and physical appearance and how others see you all other experiences in life filter through this rising sign.  
  • 2nd house is money and what you think is important, such as your values, desires, possessions and will show an astrologer what your ultimate goal is this lifetime.  
  • 3rd house is communication, brothers, sisters, lower learning, teaching, practical mind, socialization and communication.  
  • 4th house is home, security, family, ties to the past, safety, nurturing and roots.  
  • 5th house is love, creativity, kids, sex, risks, romance, gambling, adventure, fun and self-esteem.  
  • 6th house is work, health, duty, service and skills with hands.  
  • 7th house is partnerships of all kinds, how you identify with others and balance.  
  • 8th house is intimacy, joint finances, joint values, sexual energy, shared resources, and death and endings and how you handle these things.  
  • 9th house is higher religion, philosophy, higher education, ideas, travel, higher mind, spirituality and how we expand our horizons.  
  • 10th house is career but most of all how you are seen, your title, status, authorities, respect and recognition.  
  • 11th house is groups, friends, the things you want to leave behind you this lifetime for mankind to use, causes, goals, friends, harmony and fellowship.  
  • 12th house is the closet in your chart, secrets, karma, the past, dreams, visions, limitations, repressed energy and spiritual connection.

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