The Expectation Vs Reality Of Each Zodiac Sign

The Expectation Vs Reality Of Each Zodiac Sign

The Expectation Vs Reality Of Each Zodiac Sign

Aries: Stuck up
Actually down to earn

Taurus: Trustworthy
Actually has tons of blackmailing ideas willing to use against you

Gemini: Shy in class
Actually one of the loudest + most fun you will ever meet

Cancer: Bitch
Actually is really sweet and will cook for you

Leo: Conceited and popular
Actually insecure + hales most people

Virgo: Overly critical of others
Actually has no intention of hurting people and is just really honest

Libra: The happiest person you will meet
Actually is really sad

Scorpio: Really cool
Actually still cool but a lit awkward

Sagittarius: Unsympathetic
Actually cares a whole lot although they may not show it

Capricorn: Way too serious
Actually is super crazy once you get to know them

Aquarius: Difficult at maintaining friendships
Actually it’s the other person’s fault for the end of the relationship

Pisces: Super shy and sweet
Actually will freaking turn into an ape

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