The Cold Hard Truth For The Zodiac Signs

The Cold Hard Truth For The Zodiac Signs

The Cold Hard Truth For The Zodiac Signs

ARIES: Being ignored isn’t a fate worse than death

TAURUS: You’re not as impenetrable as you think you are

GEMINI: Nobody can really love you until you stop pretending to be someone else

CANCER: Pity parties aren’t the best kind of party

LEO: You deserve an Oscar for your role in playing God

VIRGO: You can’t fix a broken heart with super glue

LIBRA: Just because someone loves you doesn’t mean they respect you

SCORPIO: Yes, everything is a conspiracy. No, the nihilistic irony is not the answer

SAGITTARIUS: You actually didn’t mean it as a joke

CAPRICORN: An apology can’t include an excuse

AQUARIUS: You can’t eat theoretical concepts

PISCES: You are the only person who doubts your abilities

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