The Best Way To Seduce Each Zodiac Sign

The Best Way To Seduce Each Zodiac Sign
How To Seduce Them?

key your initials in a heart on the side of their car

Taurus: build a fully-stocked bunker and lock yourselves inside

Gemini: memorize the encyclopedia and casually slip a new fact into conversation every day

Cancer: fashion them a homemade bubblewrap onesie and be very gentle

Leo: tattoo a detailed portrait of them onto your heart

Virgo: take them on a date to the container store

Libra: write their name into the dictionary as an adjective meaning “The epitome of beauty and grace”

Scorpio: tie yourself up with leather straps and lie at their doorstep

Sagittarius: buy plane tickets to thailand but halfway through the flight pull out two parachutes

Capricorn: create a google doc of your entire romantic chronology and give them the ability to “Edit”

Aquarius: set up a kissing booth and offer to plant a tree for every kiss

Pisces: read your diary out loud to them and don’t skip the sad parts

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