Tell Me Exactly How You Fell

Tell Me Exactly How You Fell

“Tell me exactly how you fell. Tell me why you’ve distanced yourself and why the space is comforting. Tell me what I can do to make you feel at home and what I can do to give you what you need to heal. Tell me about your wounds, the scars you’re hiding. The ones too sad to ignore. Tell me about the people you’ve given too much to and the ones who’ve left you behind: empty and even more confused. Tell me about what’s keeping you awake at night. About your horrors and worries. Tell me. You can trust me with all your flaws. Tell me, and I will show you how you are worthy of love and belonging. Tell me, Because isn’t it time someone did things for you for once? Isn’t it time, someone put you first? You don’t deserve so much more, and you deserve the space within you to be filled with love. To be filled with a kindness so deserving that only the ones with a broken heart understand. Because you’ve earned it. Make today the kind of day that starts and ends with you.”

– r.m. Drake

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