Spring Cleaning Means For The Zodiac Signs

Spring Cleaning Means

Spring Cleaning Means For The Zodiac Signs

ARIES: Moving on from last season’s crushes

TAURUS: Abandoning the broken lamp that they’ve been planning to fix for years

GEMINI: Rearranging their room without actually cleaning it

CANCER: Getting sidetracked reading their old diaries

LEO: Donating the club clothes they thought would be staples

VIRGO: Regifting the ugly sweater their grandma gave them over the holidays

LIBRA: Researching potential new vacuums

SCORPIO: Dumping the loose Juul pods from every tote bag

SAGITTARIUS: Cutting off friends with bad vibes

CAPRICORN: Wiping their browser history

AQUARIUS: Finding the matches to 26 solitary left socks

PISCES: Making up a sentimental reason to keep everything

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