Zodiac Signs Stereotypes Vs Reality

Stereotypes vs Reality

Stereotypes vs Reality

Stereotype – They don’t have feelings.
Reality – They have feelings, it just takes them a long time to get close to you and let them out.

Stereotype – They’re stubborn.
Reality – They’re just scared to let people in, but they are always willing to compromise and be vulnerable with the ones they love.

Stereotype – They’re two faced.
Reality – They’re not. They’re just not.

Stereotype – They’re clingy.
Reality – They only get clingy with people who are clingy with them as well, they’re not overbearing if you don’t want them to be.

Stereotype – They only care about themselves.
Reality -They love to give advice and listen to other peoples issues.

Stereotype – They’re assholes.
Reality – That’s just the shield they put up when you first meet them, they’re so soft if you get through the shell.

Stereotype – They’re indecisive.
Reality – They know what they want, on the grand scale. Their daily decisions might be harder, but you never have to worry about them backing out of promises.

Stereotype – They only care about sex.
Reality – They really just love passionate things, if you give them a love with conversations, they’ll crave that more than sex.

Stereotype – They’re selfish.
Reality – They care about people and helping them more than others. They’ll drop everything in a second for someone they love.

Stereotype – They’re always serious.
Reality – They’re so goofy, you just have to get to know them before you make judgements.

Stereotype – They don’t care about anyone.
Reality – They have the biggest hearts and just don’t know how to show it sometimes.

Stereotype – They’re overly emotional.
Reality – They’re not emotional in the sense that they’re always crying, they’re just really passionate and loving, and they love to express it.

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