Relationships Require More Than Just Love

Relationships Require More Than Just Love
Relationships require more than just love. I hope you understand this the next time you’re in one. I hope you understand that it takes time. Patience. Loyalty. Respect. Communication. Forgiveness. And selflessness.  I hope you understand that maintaining a healthy relationship is not easy. It takes work. And hard work alone. I hope you understand that to receive you must give. And vice versa. Mutually. Equally. And not more than the other. I hope you also understand that relationships are important.  That you need them to grow. That you need these special. Rare. Beautiful. Interactions with people. That they, too, will represent some of your best moments. That someone you love will always be involved in something memorable.  I hope you understand this. So you know what to look out for. What to cling to and what to let go of.  Just Remember. Love is so very important. But it also takes so much more than you think.  

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