Red Flags The Zodiac Signs Give Off

Red Flags The Zodiac Signs Give Off

Red Flags The Zodiac Signs Give Off –

ARIES – Talks about themselves too much on the first date

TAURUS – No hobbies aside from hanging out with you

GEMINI – Weirdly friendly with all of their exes

CANCER – Shit-talks all of their exes

LEO – Acts differently around their friends

VIRGO – Tinder bio says “fluent in sarcasm”

LIBRA – Agrees with everything you say

SCORPIO – Plays games with your emotions

SAGITTARIUS – Still doesn’t have yr number saved after several dates

CAPRICORN – Corrects you in the middle of a conversation

AQUARIUS – Ghosts you in between dates

PISCES – Tells you all their secrets as soon as you meet

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