Reasons To Date The Zodiac Signs

Reasons To Date The Zodiac Signs

Reasons To Date The Zodiac Signs


• They’re super hot
• They offer to beat up anyone you don’t like.
• Tickle fights.
• Fun as hell


• Always telling you how cute you are
• Never forgets to text back
• Best at hugging!!!
• Wants to buy you things


• You never run out of things to talk about
• Dank memes
• Cutest fucking smiles
• Just wants you to be happy


• Really good kissers
• Also really good at cuddling
• Will mother you
• You’ll feel so safe and happy


• Good hair
• Random trips to the grocery store.
• They will insist on buying you things
• Will never ignore you


• Will take you to a bookstore
• Loves holding hands with you
• Will be very gentle and soft with you
• wants you to do your best


• Will never pass up the opportunity to compliment you
• Great kissers
• Will treat you like royalty
• Loves the cliche romance shit


• They’ll stay up late for you
• Long hugs and neck kisses
• Might let you win at Mario kart
• Will fight for you


• Will drive you anywhere you want
• Fucking hilarious
• Will be friends with all of your friends
• Will always think the best of you


• Are so classy and chivalrous.
• Are too good for you but thinks you’re too good for them
• Will make you cupcakes for no reason
• Plays with your hair


• Shares cool Wikipedia articles with you
• Loves you more than they love themselves
• Will never bore you
• Makes dank memes


• Will compare you to beautiful things
• Will 100% bring you flowers
• Charms your parents
• Is so gentle and shy with you

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