My Girlfriend Just Said I Can’t Help You

my girlfriend just said i cant help you

My girlfriend just said, “I can’t help you through everything, but I can love you through everything”, and I just hope everyone finds this kind of love.

– @imakeit_rayne

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I Dont Wanna Win The Argument

I don’t wanna “win” the argument or feel “right”. That’s not the point nor my objective.

I wanna feel like we’ve come to an understanding on the issue at hand. I want both of us to walk away feeling heard and understood.

It’s not a competition.

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Sometimes People Grow Apart

Sometimes People Grow Apart

• When priorities change

• When talks feel one-sided

• When fighting becomes too much

• When trust is lost

• When the little things add up

• When we feel unsupported

– Ivana and Andrew

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