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My Favorite Things About The Zodiac Signs

My Favorite Things About The Zodiac Signs

My Favorite Things About Them  

Aries: You are always so determined. So strong. so resilient. You always astound me with all the things you accomplish. Whenever you have something you really want, you go and get it without hesitation.

Taurus: You are so willing to listen to absolutely anyone about anything, and you have the ability to make friends with just about anyone. You have the warmest aura.

Gemini: You are down to do anything, it doesn’t matter how much of an advanced notice you have. You are willing to go anywhere and do anything with someone you care about.

Cancer: You literally love so hard and are so gentle towards everyone you meet and I don’t know how you do it, honestly. The would could be an absolute prick to you and you would still make sure everyone else was okay.

Leo: When you speak, you speak with power. You are so often the voice of reason and open up other people to things they haven’t thought about and it takes a very open-minded and powerful individual to do that. You always look at every side.

Virgo: You know how to make anyone laugh at any given time. You always are trying to make shitty situations less shitty and more enjoyable and speaks volumes about who you are.

Libra: You are such an understanding person, you never judge anyone for what they tell you and you’re always going into situations trying to be the best you can be for other people.

Scorpio: It doesn’t matter what it is, you always find a way to make it exciting. You have such a unique mind and you know how to input passion into any situation.

Sagittarius: You bring so much energy to every conversation. It’s so easy to open up to you and talk about everything, without the fear of dreaded small talk. You have such a large capacity for deep conversations.

Capricorn: You always know how to do everything even if you think you don’t, I swear. You always have a face of confidence and you pick up everything handed to you way faster than everyone else.

Aquarius: It’s so easy to let go and be silly around you. You get rid of the seriousness of life, and you let other people get out of their shell with you.

Pisces: You have such a deep mind and you’re willing to talk about everything. You give the best advice because you understand everything on a deeper level than most, and you feel other people’s emotions so easily. It’s truly a superpower.

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