My Current Advice To The Zodiac Signs

My Current Advice To The Zodiac Signs

My Current Advice To The Zodiac Signs

Aries: Please take care of yourself, you are so so worthy of your own self-love.

Taurus: Speak up, don’t let people tread you down, I know you can tolerate it but you really don’t have to.

Gemini: Stop faking your smiles so much, how can people help when you don’t let them.

Cancer: Put yourself first sometimes, you don’t need to look after everyone so much

Leo: Be yourself, and screw anyone else who hates it.

Virgo: Take a break, I know you want to be successful in everything but you gotta look after yourself too

Libra: Stop compromising your own needs for others, you don’t need to change yourself

Scorpio: Let your guard down every now and then, don’t be afraid to cry

Sagittarius: Stop arguing with people so much, it’ll land you somewhere nasty

Capricorn: Cut out negative influences, understand that you are worth so much more.

Aquarius: It’s okay to feel things, stop avoiding your emotions

Pisces: Stop trying to juggle everyone else’s shit when you haven’t even sorted out your own

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