Misunderstood Truths Of The Zodiac Signs

Misunderstood Truths Of The Zodiac Signs

Misunderstood Truths Of The Zodiac Signs –

ARIES: Only gets combative because they respect themselves too much to be talked down to

TAURUS: Isn’t boring, just doesn’t waste energy sharing their personality with people who haven’t earned it

GEMINI: Shouldn’t be a scapegoat for that one Gemini who hurt you

CANCER: Isn’t your doormat, their strongest loyalty is to themselves

LEO: Just wants to know when self-love became a bad thing…?

VIRGO: Only works hard so they can rationalize playing hard

LIBRA: Not voicing criticisms doesn’t mean they don’t have any

SCORPIO: Gets called “mysterious” just for having boundaries

SAGITTARIUS: Not running from reality, running toward higher truths

CAPRICORN: More committed to their friendships than anything else

AQUARIUS: Their ideas only seem outlandish to people with narrow-minded worldviews

PISCES: Willing to stray from their comfort zone if it’s for love

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