Love The Man Who Makes You Laugh

Love The Man Who Makes You Laugh

Ladies: THIS is the man who deserves your love…

Love the man who makes you laugh. Love the man who gives you his time instead of sugarcoating his absences with material gifts. Love the man who brags about you to others when you’re not around. Love the man who knows the difference between fucking and making love… and does both when the timing is right. Love the man who makes it safe to lay on his chest while he strokes your hair when you’ve had a bad day. Love the man who can stand in the background and watch you in the spotlight with a smile-without it threatening his masculinity. Love the man who thinks you are your sexiest when you’re in the bathroom, hair mussed, brushing your teeth while wearing his T-shirt. Love the man who wants you to fulfill your dreams, and stands by your side as you do so. This is the man who deserves your love… so love him.

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