Just because a person didn’t put hands on you

Just because a person didn't put hands on you

Emotional abuse, yes that’s something !

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  1. EleNico Nicoleta Avatar

    Today to the bank, the were dening to pay a chec they were emited themself, saing they have not money on the bank… but the company I was working for in France (GSF- a cleaning company) have an agreement with the bank… I became a bit insistent and I rased a bit the vouce tone to them… do you think I was abusive or they were abusive??? At the end, a miracle happened and I was finaly able to get my money… thank you to the Univers and to my conciouness for it! 😉 <3

    1. Terry D. Pickron Avatar

      …abuse -to use wrongly,misuse,treat badly,to hurt,injure,insult…etc…

    2. EleNico Nicoleta Avatar

      Alowing to pay only with checs or banks account transactions and deny to pay the employee with cash, is an abuse up to you, people? As far as I know it is not ilegal not haveing a bank account, but there is not other way to get paied for your work… I do not really understand it… 😉

    3. EleNico Nicoleta Avatar

      I do not want a bank account because I do not somebody else administrate my little money… but they are doing all their best to push me to make one… I consider it not fear… <3

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