If The Zodiac Signs Were Phobias

If The Zodiac Signs Were Phobias

If The Zodiac Signs Were Phobias

Zodiac Signs As Phobias

Aries – Asthenophobia (Fear Of Weakness)

Taurus – Neophobia (Fear Of Change)

Gemini – Neophobia (Fear Of Boredom)

Cancer – Athazagoraphobia (Fear Of Being Forgotten/lgnored)

Leo – Social Phobia (Fear Of Public Humiliation)

Virgo – Autophobia (Fear Of Being Alone/Undesirable)

Libra – Decidophobia (Fear Of Making Decisions)

Scorpio – Proditiophobia (Fear Of Betrayal)

Sagittarius – Philophobia (Fear Of Emotional Attachment)

Capricorn – Atychiphobia (Fear Of Failure)

Aquarius – Claustrophobia (Fear Of Closed Spaces)

Pisces – Dystychiphobia (Fear Of Accidents)

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