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I’m So Tired Of Being Strong

Im So Tired Of Being Strong

I’m so tired of being strong.  I’m so tired of saying it’s okay every time someone treats me badly. I’m tired of being the bigger person and always making excuses for other people, time and time again. I’m so tired of constantly proving how much people mean to me when they won’t do the same.  It’s difficult, isn’t it? Having a big heart.  Having the ability to forgive so easily and love so quickly, being the one that always tries their very best to make others happy. And still getting hurt, still getting taken for granted and being left behind as though you didn’t mean anything.  That’s the thing about being a good person. You give yourself so many excuses to look out for others that you forget to look out for yourself.  And in the end, when they get everything they wanted, and they start walking away without looking back in your direction, you are the one who’s left with a hole in your chest where your heart should have been.  
– Ruby Dhal

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