How You Know The Zodiac Signs Have A Crush

How You Know The Zodiac Signs Have A Crush

How You Know The Zodiac Signs Have A Crush

ARIES – Comments heart eyes under all your Instagram posts

TAURUS – Finds excuses to playfully touch you while you’re talking

GEMINI – Straight up tells you they think you’re hot

CANCER – Can barely look you in the eye, let alone shoot their shot

LEO – Kills their performance of “I Will Always Love You” at karaoke while giving you the eyes

VIRGO – “Randomly” runs into you three times in one week

LIBRA – Tells everyone else in hopes that it’ll get back to you

SCORPIO – Gives you morsels of affection in a Pavlovian kind of way

SAGITTARIUS – Makes you the butt of their jokes

CAPRICORN – Takes forever to reply because they’re proofreading their texts

AQUARIUS – Invites you to join their weekly film criticism club (they’re the only member)

PISCES – Asks for your birth time

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