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How To Express Your Love For The Zodiac Signs

how to express your love forthe zodiac signs

How To Express Your Love For Them

Aries: Let them win the argument and the game.

Taurus: Shower them with affection-hugs, cuddle, food and wine.

Gemini: Show them you understand them.

Cancer: Stand up for them at all costs.

Leo: Be passionate about them.

Virgo: Appreciate the little things they do for you.

Libra: Reassure them about how pretty they are both inside and out.

Scorpio: Love their darkest parts just like you love the good in them.

Sagittarius: Give them the space and time they need it.

Capricorn: Respect them. No matter what.

Aquarius: Appreciate their efforts on trying to express what they feel.

Pisces: Honor their dreams and never ever undervalue them.

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