How The Zodiac Signs Shoot Their Shot

How The Zodiac Signs Shoot Their Shot

How The Zodiac Signs Shoot Their Shot –

ARIES: Posts a thirst trap the moment you follow them back on IG

TAURUS: Invites themselves over to help redecorate your apartment

GEMINI: “wyd” (2:47 AM)

CANCER: Makes an 11:11 wish that you’ll shoot yours instead

LEO: Trips and falls so you’ll catch them like a rom-com meet-cute

VIRGO: Brings up something you told them weeks ago just so they can flirtatiously roast you about it

LIBRA: Cryptically posts lyrics from a song you showed them


SAGITTARIUS: Struts past you at the party to hit on your best friend in front of you

CAPRICORN: Asks you for feedback on their latest project to test your intellect

AQUARIUS: Gifts you their limited edition of Das Kapital and writes you dedication in invisible ink

PISCES: Tells you they saw a cloud shaped like a swan and it reminded them of you

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