How The Zodiac Signs Seduce You

How The Zodiac Signs Seduce You

How The Zodiac Signs Seduce You

ARIES – Shooting you through the heart with an arrow

TAURUS – Putting on Marvin Gaye (somehow it’s not cheesy)

GEMINI – Flirting with you one day and ignoring you the next

CANCER – Writing a letter confessing their love and devotion

LEO – Casually mentioning that they’re wearing $500 shoes

VIRGO – Coming over to help you assemble IKEA furniture

LIBRA – Cultivating the perfect persona to draw you in

SCORPIO – Glowering at you from the corner (in a sexy way)

SAGITTARIUS – Making bad jokes at your expense

CAPRICORN – Putting together a pitch deck

AQUARIUS – Speaking in riddles that are subtle innuendos

PISCES – Telling you about their most recent heartbreak

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