How The Zodiac Signs Recharge

How The Zodiac Signs Recharge

How The Zodiac Signs Recharge –

ARIES: Flees into the woods for a few days to get the zoomies out

TAURUS: Lathers on SPF 100 and basks in the sun until they doze off

GEMINI: Writes their thoughts down on paper to clear their head and ends up with the first draft of their memoir

CANCER: Goes skinny dipping underneath the moonlight

LEO: Goes window shopping for a present to give themselves

VIRGO: Curates a self-care itinerary for their annual “me day”

LIBRA: Rearranges their entire room & then rearranges it right back

SCORPIO: Gets tired of reality and retreats into a dystopian novel

SAGITTARIUS: Tries to do absolutely nothing for half an hour, gives up when they look at the clock and only two minutes have passed

CAPRICORN: Settles back into their RBF the second the video call ends

AQUARIUS: Wears headphones with nothing playing as a prop to deter people from approaching

PISCES: Surrounds themselves with friends that feel like family

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