How The Zodiac Signs Make New Friends

How The Zodiac Signs Make New Friends

How The Zodiac Signs Make New Friends?

ARIES: Banters with strangers in the bathroom line at the bar.

TAURUS: Bonds over hating the same things.

GEMINI: Befriends their exes.

CANCER: Waits for an extrovert to adopt them.

LEO: Walks around giving out compliments like they’re candy.

VIRGO: Hits it off with people and promptly follows up to make plans.

LIBRA: DMs anyone whose online presence makes them look fun.

SCORPIO: Has had the same best friends since childhood and trusts no one beyond that.

SAGITTARIUS: Joins a climbing gym, a volunteering group, and a book club.

CAPRICORN: Closes their eyes and points to a random name on the Forbes 30 Under 30 list.

AQUARIUS: Nods at whoever else is standing in the corner at a party.

PISCES: Asks people invasive questions until they open up.

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