How The Zodiac Signs Intimidate People


How The Zodiac Signs Intimidate People:

ARIES: Letting tears silently stream down your face on the subway.

TAURUS: Expressing displeasure without cushioning it with platitudes.

GEMINI: Being so friendly that it doesn’t always feel genuine.

CANCER: Keeping a circle of devoted friends who’ll go to bat for you.

LEO: Subtly one-upping everyone with your enviable anecdotes.

VIRGO: Getting chillingly quiet when you’re angry instead of yelling.

LIBRA: Being so hot that everyone assumes you’re out of their league.

SCORPIO: Simply saying “I’m a Scorpio”.

SAGITTARIUS: Never hesitating to call out the elephant in the room.

CAPRICORN: Not providing people with a courtesy laugh if their joke doesn’t genuinely amuse you.

AQUARIUS: Avoiding eye contact so deliberately that people you talk to wonder if they have food in their teeth.

PISCES: Walking around with a resting sad face all the time.

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