How The Zodiac signs Get Unnecessarily Offended

How Do The Zodiac signs Get Unnecessarily Offended?

ARIES: Someone way less hot than you flirting with you.

TAURUS: The mediocre content your TikTok algorithm recommends.

GEMINI: Inaccurate philosophy references.

CANCER: People tell you information about your best friend as if you didn’t already know.

LEO: Not being invited to an event you wouldn’t want to go to anyway.

VIRGO: Everything.

LIBRA: Your partner sleeping in when you have to wake up early.

SCORPIO: The subtext you projected onto a neutral DM from your ex.

SAGITTARIUS: The random girl you drunkenly “befriended” at the bar three months ago unfollowing you on Instagram.

CAPRICORN: People trying to help you do something you already have under control.

AQUARIUS: Phone calls that could have been texting.

PISCES: People who are happy when you’re feeling sad.

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