How The Zodiac Signs Fill An Awkward Silence

How The Zodiac Signs Fill An Awkward Silence

How The Zodiac Signs Fill An Awkward Silence –

ARIES: Asking if you dare them to chug their entire hot coffee

TAURUS: Musing aloud about how they might spend their afternoon outside since the weather has been so nice lately

GEMINI: Taking the opportunity to rehearse their tight five again

CANCER: Pivoting back to a subject they’re emotionally invested in

LEO: Regaling the captive audience w/ stories of their life’s minutiae

VIRGO: Turning to the endless thoughts constantly on their mind

LIBRA: “So what do you think we should do now?”

SCORPIO: Getting their phone & texting someone more interesting

SAGITTARIUS: Launching into an exciting new topic without missing a beat

CAPRICORN: Ending the convo by stating they have somewhere else to be

AQUARIUS: Asking if you saw the game (they have no idea which)

PISCES: Encouraging you to elaborate on that new crush you’re obviously itching to talk about

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