How The Zodiac Signs Change Their Mind

How The Zodiac Signs Change Their Mind

How The Zodiac Signs Change Their Mind –

ARIES: After vehemently forcing their idea down everyone’s throats

TAURUS: After 10 years of doing the same thing and expecting different results

GEMINI: Based on the last thinkpiece they read

CANCER: And says they actually can’t hang out anymore because they’ve reached their limit for today

LEO: Based on their self-worth on any given day

VIRGO: Only after seeing concrete evidence to the contrary

LIBRA: Based on what would upset the fewest of people

SCORPIO: Because their line between friends and enemies was already very thin anyways

SAGITTARIUS: At least six times a day

CAPRICORN: When they realize they’ve been lying to themselves again

AQUARIUS: As soon as the stakes get too high

PISCES: And stops being absolutely obsessed with you once the fantasy wears off

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