How I See The Zodiac Signs

How I See The Zodiac Signs

How I See The Zodiac Signs

Aries- Way too optimistic, kinda annoying

Taurus- Eats a lot, but is really kind and smart

Gemini- The best and most supportive person you’ll ever meet

Cancer- Crybaby, pretty annoying too

Leo- Seems like a good person, but who knows?

Virgo- Smart, but like always gets A+’s smart

Libra- Sweet, sleeps a lot

Scorpio- Very sexual/seductive, and successful

Sagittarius- Is satan, loyal, and pretty obsessive

Capricorn- Smart one, very mentally unstable

Aquarius- A really chill, unique rebellious person I shall never understand

Pieces- Takes care of everyone, probably pays a little too much attention

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