How Could You Not Want To Fall In Love

Not Want To Fall In Love
“How could you not want to fall in love?” “Easy. I don’t want my happiness to depend on whether a person gives me their attention or not. I don’t want stay up late wondering whether he is thinking about me. I don’t want to cry over someone who may not care. I don’t want to stare at my phone screen waiting for a text. Most importantly, I don’t want to give anyone the power to destroy me.”
Auexcerpt from a book I’ll never write #3 // D.P (via scarredimages)thor

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How Could You Not Want To Fall In Love

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  1. Yhen Sorriano Avatar

    all relationship is not perfect,it depends on a person,so if you think someone’s much better than your partner,dont worry relationship is not perfect,it will be same as every relationship people their have own differences,and has their own if i wer’e you, i would rather still choose the person who always stay with me for sure.than to find someone, just because of excitement,excitement for a while.

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