First Thing When The Zodiac Signs Wake Up

First Thing When The Zodiac Signs Wake Up

First Thing When The Zodiac Signs Wake Up

ARIES: Charges their phone because they stayed up all night

TAURUS: Stays in bed for 30 extra minutes and don’t cut anything from their morning routine to make up for it

GEMINI: Considers ghosting their job and starting their own business

CANCER: Swaddles themselves in sweaters and gaze outside longingly

LEO: Saunters to the shower to perform an hour-long concert

VIRGO: Makes coffee so they have the energy to go out and get coffee

LIBRA: Checks their messages with their crush to make sure they didn’t say anything embarrassing while wine drunk

SCORPIO: Adds a notch to the bedpost for each ‘watzz up?’ text they got

SAGITTARIUS: Finishes the history documentary they dozed off watching

CAPRICORN: Splashes ice-cold water on their face to get into the zone

AQUARIUS: Scavenges breakfast and retreats back into their bedroom

PISCES: Roams around the block to get some sun before it sets at 5

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