Fatal Flaws Of The Zodiac Signs

Fatal Flaws Of The Zodiac Signs

Fatal Flaws Of The Zodiac Signs –

ARIES: They’re not even mad, their voices are just like that

TAURUS: Takes them a billion years to recalibrate

GEMINI: Needs a little traffic light positioned between their brain and their mouth

CANCER: Devotes time and energy to people who do not give one shit about them

LEO: Acts like they’re famous even though they only have 500 Instagram followers

VIRGO: Knows the dictionary definition of ‘relaxing’, but not its practical application

LIBRA: Apologizes for things they didn’t do to avoid confrontation

SCORPIO: Mostly means well, but there’s something kind of off-putting about them

SAGITTARIUS: Forgets how niche their opinions actually are

CAPRICORN: Would jump off a bridge if an authority figure told them to

AQUARIUS: Is destined to become some zealous hermit on the outskirts of society

PISCES: Can’t stand up straight without using their vices as crutches

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