Date The Zodiac Signs If You Want

Date The Zodiac Signs If You Want

Date The Zodiac Signs If You Want

ARIES: Love confessions on the first date before they ghost you a week later

TAURUS: Really good vanilla sex

GEMINI: To still not know if they’re into you after six months

CANCER: Sweet romantic gestures that they’ll use as guilt trips later

LEO: To reassure someone that they’re amazing every five minutes

VIRGO: To be graded on your performance in bed

LIBRA: To lose yourself completely in another person

SCORPIO: To have to guess why you’re getting the silent treatment again

SAGITTARIUS: To be a romantic experiment they’ll ultimately outgrow

CAPRICORN: To have a partner who is also sort of your parent

AQUARIUS: To be idealized and admired from a safe distance

PISCES: To make sure that something gets fed every day

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