At One Point, You’ll No Longer Care Like You Used To

At One Point Youll No Longer Care Like You Used To

At one point, you’ll no longer care like you used to.  You won’t read the old messages or scroll through their accounts. No longer wait for that 2:00 am ‘I miss you’ phone call nor stare at their picture on your background. Your eyes will no longer search for them in the crowd. Their name wouldn’t slip off your tongue everytime you have good news.  Butterflies would start to feel like warning signs. You’ll no longer dwell in sadness over the glittery promises that are now ashes. They won’t consume your thoughts and energy like they used to. Your heart won’t stop when their name drops. ‘Your song’ would only start to sound like a broken record.  Slowly and gradually, you’ll move on. You might not necessarily forgive but you’ll forget and that alone is a blessing. A beautiful blessing…
-Ankit Dubey

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