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As An Introvert,I Crave Meaningful One-On-One Conversation

as an introvert

As an introvert,
I crave meaningful one-on-one conversation
with a like-minded person.
When in large groups, I tend to get quiet,
and often I’ll get lost in the shuffle.
I will shut down completely
if the crowd is too large and loud.
I’ll make an early exit as soon as
I feel overwhelmed.
The truth is,
I feel more lonely in a large group
than I would just being alone.
Ah, but those conversations with just you
and me are like magic.
I come alive once again.
I open up and invite you to know the real me.
It kindles my heart and warms my soul
when I capture your undivided attention.
No distractions, no interruptions.
Just two people spending their time
sharing little pieces of their hearts and minds.
That, my friend, is a beautiful thing.


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